Samsung’s new update will revolutionize the way people do multitasking

Samsung has brought a new android12L update for the Galaxy Tab S8 series in the United States. This update comes with an enhanced UI experience and a better taskbar split screen view than the previous model. Samsung would be rolling out the update for the rest of the decided model later. This update has made its debut in Galaxy Z Fold 4. 

The updated taskbar will enable you to pin your decided app to the bottom of the screen and switch between them without opening the app drawer. You would also be able to resume your work where you left off because the taskbar has been designed to show the previous two used app activities. 

While working on two sides of the screen simultaneously or one by one you can resize each side of the screen. If on one side of the screen you have been watching a movie and on one side you have opened your WhatsApp to look online you can reduce the area covered by WhatsApp or movie as per your need. This update has revolutionized the way users operate their phones while multitasking. 

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