Here are the steps that you can use to increase your android phone battery life

There was a time when interchangeable mobile batteries existed. Phones like Motorola Droid facilitated such a feature. A user could keep an extra charged battery for times of need. 

Although battery technologies have improved a lot over time, on an average a phone’s battery would last a day. With heavy usage, some of them wouldn’t even make it to half a day. Battery saving practices comes in very handy to a user since the present times demands a user to be constantly on the run. 

Here are some tips to enhance battery saving and thus executing a longer battery life for our phones. 

Most phones comes in with an option to optimize the battery usage. Using this feature would facilitate device care. Android phones mostly optimize apps by default. In a different scenario, we can always choose to optimize it by ourselves in the settings. 

While we are not using our phone, it is healthy to put the non-urgent apps to sleep. This would ensure that they are not running in the background and thus would save some battery usage time. Some android phones like the Google Pixel comes in with the option of Doze mode. 

We can also limit battery draining by turning on adaptive battery and adaptive brightness. This will put pressure on the battery usage only to an extent that it actually requires. 

Moreover, we can always use a battery saver app such as AccuBattery or Greenify. In addition to them uninstalling unnecessary apps and choosing power save modes accordingly will go a long way too.