Apple Books is Apple’s all-in-one book store and reading application for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple Books, formerly iBooks, is Apple’s all-in-one book store and reading application for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You can use it to browse the variety of books and audiobooks available in the Bookstore, buy them, and then read or listen to them. You can add as many collections as you like, and Apple Books will automatically group your library into a number of them.

Along with books and audiobooks, you can also store PDF files in the app, and everything you put there will sync with all of your Apple devices due to iCloud. You can also change the font’s size, color, and style, as well as the book’s “paper” color, to make reading and listening more bearable for you. You can use Apple Books on your iPhone or iPad by following the instructions provided here.
When you utilize Apple Books, your iPhone and iPad turn into the perfect e-readers. The app’s unified search tool makes it easier to find books in the Bookstore, download them, and look up books you already have on your smartphone.

Even though reading is frequently a lonely activity, sometimes you just have to share a piece of writing that you thought was particularly well done. Thankfully, Apple Books makes it simple to give a book to a friend or share book extracts and links with other family members.

Even better, if you have Family Sharing enabled, members of your family group can share purchases, allowing them to read the page-turner you couldn’t put down without paying more. In addition to being a wonderful tool for reading books, Apple Books is also a great app for listening to audiobooks. Therefore, Apple Books has you covered if audiobooks are your thing; no other app is needed.

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