Anonymous mocks Russians for using cheap logitech gamepad for controlling Orlan-10 drones

Recently a video has surfaced on the internet, where a Russian soldier is seen controlling an Orlan-10 drone with a Logitech gamepad. In another video, a Ukrainian soldier is seen explaining about Orlan -10 drones. The soldier then tries to open the camera area and to a shock, it’s a canon.

The soldier is then seen explaining the power button which is filled with glue. The operating system is also obsolete on the workstations controlling these Orlan-10 drones.

The Belarusian TV channel VoenTV reported on how the Russian air defence systems S-300 and UAV “Orlan-10”, which “protect the Belarusian sky”, work.

The report noted that most drones are controlled with cheap Logitech gamepads. Judging by their appearance, this is the Logitech Gamepad F310, which was released in 2010.