Customers not happy with Maruti Suzuki makers and salesman, let’s find out more?

Maruti Suzuki Ltd, the biggest car making manufacturer in India, and a brand whose models are the go to cars for every middle class families. However, recently an incident has popped up, where a resident of Ambala Cantt is not happy with the outcome of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

The car was bought for 11 lakhs from the buyer and after being dissatisfied with the car and its functioning, he pasted a banner behind his car which said “Say No To Maruti Suzuki”. Lets find out what happened.

A local news reporter of the city has reported that the man had bought the Ertiga about four months back and just after buying, the car started giving unusual problems like AC cooling problems. The guy took the car to the service center and the mechanic said the car is out of gas, he then filled up the gas, but the problem did not end here.

Then the compressor was giving a tough time, that also got replaced but the problem still stands. After a span of 3 – 4 days, the engine was making sounds and it was assumed that it would get replaced for an amount of Rs. 50,000. The owner did not agree to this term as he said the car is new, so why should the engine be replaced.

After the matter going to the Consumer Courts, the company is telling the owner that his car would be fixed at the amount of free cost. However, the man is rigid that the car model needs to be replaced and the engine should not, which is according to a customer the right thing.

Although, the company should be cautious in terms of making the cars and then eventually must ensure that the customer who is buying should be satisfied with his buy. Also the officials of the Maruti Suzuki Co. should bulge inn and take this matter as a concern in context to the sales of the company.