Apple Inc. dives in-depth into autos along with softwares for car dashboard

Apple Inc. announces that there will be more unified features for the car dashboard along with software into core driving systems of cars.

Whereas, the Apple manufacturer rolled out a bit of new features for payments, business and a pair of new laptops.

However, the announcements at Apple’s annual conference showed a company which was an outsider working its own way in day-to-day life.

Apple company

The company branded itself for rebels and troublemakers spent Monday on talking up how to use iPads for collaborating for business presentations and how the software will help to to reflect fuel level on cars’ dashboards.

Additionally, the viewers got a little delicacy of new multiple features at technical talk.

The iPhone makers also announced Apple Pay Later service, which helps the users to pay interest-free installments. Moreover, the business will work on MasterCard Inc wherever Apple Pay is accepted.

However, this service directly puts Apple in competition with other payment providers like Affirm Holdings Inc, PayPal Holdings Inc.

As per now, the MacBook Air is also upgraded and redesigned with a new M2 silicon processor which is 35% faster that M1 chip.

This new MacBook Air will have a HD quality camera and it will be of 2.7pounds (1.2kg) and it will cost around $1,199.

Even the 13 inch MacBook Pro will be powered by an M2 chip, and it will cost around $1,299 which will be in the market from next month.

Both the chips will be using the second generation of 5-nanometer chip manufacturing technology.

Apple car software-

Additionally, Apple also tipped off something new when it came to the new car dashboard which can display full meter, mileage, speed and gas mileage.

Apple says, the company have connected to other automotive companies like Ford Motor co., Nissan Motor co., Mercedes Benz and Honda Motor Corp., With which software will not be installed before next year.

Moreover, the software is upgraded from the earlier models which represented maps and music systems.

The Apple softwares is been in different vehicles since 2014 including in some motorcycles.

The Chinese electric vehicles maker Polestar and Volvo is installing Apple’s CarPlay current version into its Polestar 2 through an Over-the-air update later this month.

Apple iPads 

Apple iPads also got a renovate to make it easier to use for the users to jump between numerous apps in between.

The company also established a white board feature which users can use during facetime video calls.

Additionally, the company also installed the iMessage feature for sent messages, beating Twitter with the log requested feature.

Besides, it also has a safety check tool which can be used to keep your private credentials secure. And instead of passwords, it has Passkeys which can never be stored on a web server.

Later, the company also stated that it is working to enable Passkeys service with non-apple users.