Netizens reported issues in the new Income Tax Portal, haven’t been resolved yet

Netizens are facing issues with the Income Tax portal. Several users have tweeted that they are facing huge trouble with Income Tax India’s portal. The government’s portal isn’t working properly and people are facing discrepancies from last year.

According to the sources Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has talked about the technical glitches in the new income tax-e filing portal last year. She said that the portal will be fixed as soon as possible within a couple of weeks.

“I have been reminding Infosys (the vendor which developed the new portal) constantly, and (Infosys head) Nandan Nilekani has been messaging me with assurance that they will sort it out,” she said last year in August.

It’s been a year and yet the portal is creating problems for many users due to technical issues. Some Twiter users are even asking Infosys to fix the issue.

Netizens have decided to bring this matter on Twitter to attract the government’s attention.