Love in the ocean: Brody Jenner and Tiarah Blanco are now a couple

Brody Jenner and Tiarah Blanco are a couple.
Just have a look at their similar background pictures which they posted on the same day (April 13) on their respective Instagram accounts

A new buzz of news has come up which says that Brody Jenner and Tiarah Blanco are now a couple which later is confirmed by many news agencies.

Sam Brody Jenner a.k.a. Brody Jenner is a 38 years old American disc Jockey, model, and a television personality who is located in California, Los Angeles, U.S. currently.

In 2005, he was seen in the television reality show, ‘the princes of Malibu’. In 2006 he appeared in another television reality show ‘The hills’ and in 2009, he actively produced his very own reality show named ‘Bromance’

Tiarah Blanco is a professional, Pro – American Surfer from San Clemente, California. In 2015, she secured first place at the International Surfing Association (ISA) open women’s World surfing championship and received Gold Medal.

She is also a lifestyle influencer and promotes veganism though she herself is a vegan. Tiarah has also appeared in MTV reality show ‘The Challenge : Champs VS Pros. She has also appeared in many commercials. Recently, she appeared in the reality show ‘ultimate surfer’.

According to the reports, Brody Jenner was on his family trip in Hawaii last month and that’s where Tiarah and Brody first met and got connected to each other.

It’s a long distance relationship but still they are trying to keep it going as they have connected to each other from Island itself and they want to keep this relationship going smoothly.