Shark Tank India Confirms A Deal With Sunfox Technologies – Here Is What You Need To Know!

Cardiovascular disorders are one of the main causes of human mortality worldwide, and lack of access to medical care increases the risk of death by a factor of ten. According to studies, heart disease accounts for almost 28% of all deaths in India.

Sunfox Technologies, a healthtech firm based in Dehradun, wants to transform how people with cardiovascular problems can obtain an early warning through their mobile electrocardiogram equipment (ECG).

It was formed in August 2016 by Rajat Jain and Arpit Jain following a personal tragedy.

“I lost my friend due to a sudden heart attack. I hail from a rural background and have seen a lot of deaths due to unavailability of medical equipment for various reasons,” says Rajat.

Shark Tank India Confirms A Deal With Sunfox Technologies - Here Is What You Need To Know!

As a result, Sunfox Technologies spent a significant amount of time building a healthcare solution that was both portable and durable, as well as cost-effective for Indian conditions.

Market opportunity of Sunfox

Sunfox Technologies recognized market gaps as well. The present cardiac monitoring point of care (PoC) devices for last-mile customers are found to be pricey, difficult, inefficient, inadequate, cumbersome, and non-portable, according to the study.

“We are solving this global health challenge by providing the accessible, simple, and affordable product innovation,” says Rajat.

Sunfox Technologies’ flagship product, Spandan, was developed through research and development. This is a little, lightweight device that may be carried in one’s pocket.

Sunfox Presented Their Product On Shark Tank India

Check the details of the product here.

Self-monitoring, smartphone connection, and monitoring of 12 heart dysfunctions are among the features of Spandan, which is also available in several languages.

The user must first download the app and then insert electrodes on their chest to obtain readings, following which the assessment will be saved on their phone. This can be used to present it to a doctor or to consult with a medical professional remotely in an emergency. Artificial intelligence underpins Spandan’s platform.

According to Rajat, Spandan can help avoid deaths by offering early warnings and remote doctor consultations.

Through the smartphone, the startup connects the hardware and software aspects. This device, according to the owners of this firm, can be used as a proof-of-concept device and does not require the presence of a skilled professional.

On online marketplaces, the Spandan device costs roughly Rs 8,000.

When Sunfox technologies presented their their device on Shark Tank India, the Shark Tank India celebs immediately asked them to join hands with them. And Sunfox technologies agreed to it.