Philip’s Hue brand launches first line of new products called “Lightguide” line

Philips Hue brand’s new line of light bulbs are set to be released soon. This new line is referred to as the Lightguide line and features oversized dimmable smart bulbs. The bulbs comes in three shapes. They are designed for open lighting fixtures. These lights are capable of enhancing ay set up with some serious stylish tones. 

According to reports, the bulb will start at 5 euros ($75 USD). It can thus be concluded that the new range of bulbs are not cheap. They will be available in full-color and white ambiance. 

The Lightguide bulbs have the similar look of subtle black base and clear glass like Hue’s filament bulbs. They were dimmable white bulbs also meant for mood lighting. It is to be noted that the Lightguide bulbs are capable of full-color light as well as possesses tunable white light and dimming qualities. They are available in the shape of triangle, ellipse and globe. 

Additionally, the bulbs are a bit bigger in size. They stand at eight inches tall and five inches wide. These bulbs are meant to be decorated as beautiful light bulbs in open fixtures. 

It has been asserted that each of the bulb has a visible inner tube and a reflective glossy surface that presents the users the special light. The output of these bulbs are upto 500 lumens of light. These bulbs are also Bluetooth enabled. 


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