Get a unique cybersecurity device within $300

When the only cybersecurity protection satisfies, a delegated hardware VPN (DPN) gives security for lifetime.

Along with a tincture of today’s hackers, everyone should use VPN either at home or in some public places.

VPN – virtual private network helps to keep your login credentials and other private information safe and secured.

However, if you’re running a business or you feel you want more security for any other reasons, you can use Deeper Connect PICO.

PICO is billed as the only delegated VPN (DPN) globally.

It is light in weight, has smart routing, multi-routing and it will constantly give you high speed network access without sacrificing speed.

PICO has similar features as other Deeper Connect products have.

The PICO is light in weight due to which it can be carried along with you anywhere.

Additionally, a WiFi adapter is also included so that regular travellers and internet nomads can use it frequently on the road, travelling, and home.

Only little arrangement is needed for PICO so it can be connected to your devices easily.

Moreover, it also has a parental lock system to keep children away from unwanted websites and games.

Apart from this, it also has an in-built ad-blocker which keeps ads interruption away while browsing.

And, PICO comes with two Ethernet cables along with a WiFi adapter and USB-C power cord.