Google maps helping Ukrainian Armed Forces by revealing Russia’s secret military & strategic facilities

According to a Twitter post, now Google maps has removed restrictions on viewing Russia’s secret military assets. This news might be very helpful for the Ukrainian armed forces. According to further reports, this information can be viewed by anyone, who has an internet connection at their disposal.

Goggle Maps has revealed that they are Open-sourcing all secret Russian installations: including ICBMs, command posts and more with a resolution of 0.5m per pixel.

As Russia is advancing towards capturing many parts of Ukraine. Ukrainian armed forces are left stranded in parts of Mariupol. Where president Zelensky had asked the Russian forces to allow a safe passage for soldiers to retreat. However, this request was turned down by the Russian side.

It is reported by Ukraine, that Russia has suffered many losses in this war already. Where many soldiers from the Russian side have surrendered to the Ukrainian armed forces.

These military assets are now visible to even non-military personnel. Here are some of the images of the military assets of the Russian armed forces :