United Airlines flight makes emergency landing after parts of aircraft drop on the ground

A United Airlines flight en route to Hawaii was forced to an emergency landing after debris from the aircraft crashed towards homes in Denver.

Pictures show the casing of the plane's engine completely fallen away. Pic: @speedbird5280 via Reuters

Image result for United Airlines flight makes emergency landing after parts of Boeing aircraft drop over homesScraps from Flight 328 between the capital of Colorado and Honolulu was spotted across a residential area in Broomfield. These scraps included the engine rim and what appeared to be parts of the engine cover.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) informed that the Boeing 777-200 safely returned to Denver International Airport after experiencing a “right-engine failure” after take-off. There were 231 passengers on board with 10 crew.

The local police department is around 25 miles from Denver in Broomfield; they posted several photos on social media of the scraps from the plane, with the large rim of the plane’s engine appearing to narrowly to have just missed a house in the town. The force is issuing a “code red” to nearly 1,400 residents asking them to check their yards for parts of the plane.

The National Transportation Safety Board has been tasked with the investigation into what happened and has asked that all scraps remain in the place it was found.


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