The Delhi High Court ruled out the allegation made by Congress leaders against Smriti Irani and her daughter

Delhi High Court said that Union Cabinet Minister Smriti Irani’s daughter doesn’t own the controversial restaurant or bar in Goa. According to the Delhi HC, no documents or licenses were found to be issued in their name.

The HC summoned Congress leaders Jairam Ramesh, Pawan Khera, and Netta D’Souza on the civil defamation suit filed by the Union Minister worth Rs 2 crores of damages for “baseless” allegations. After ruling out the allegation made by Congress leaders Justice Mini Pushkarna told Congress leaders to remove tweets, videos, photos, and other social media content made targeting the Union Minister and her daughter.

The Congress leaders have obliged the court’s decision by removing the tweets but one of the Congress leaders Jairam Ramesh has decided to come back and challenged the court “with facts.” Reportedly this is the first case where the court has ordered leaders of a political party to remove social media content.

Justice Mini Pushkarna said that the allegations made by the Congress leaders were falsely claimed and far from verifiable facts. It has ruptured the reputation of both Cabinet Minister Irani and her daughter gravely since a protest organized by Youth Congress broke out at the controversial restaurant in Goa. Justice Mini Pushkarna said, “Grave injury has been caused to the reputation of the plaintiff in view of the tweets and retweets carried out due to the press conference of the defendants.”

The court has directed to remove all posts defaming the Cabinet Minister and her daughter with an immediate effect. According to the court, “They are also directed to remove the post, videos, tweets, retweets, morphed pictures of the plaintiff and her daughter along with the allegations and stop their recirculation. If defendants 1-3 fail to comply with the directions within 24 hours of this order, defendants 4-6 (social media platforms) are directed to take down the material.”