Tesla Complete Self-Driving Beta To Increase In Just 14 days

There might soon be more Tesla drivers sharing full-self-driving videos of warts-and-all in action on public streets.

Tesla to increase 'Full Self-Driving' price as Elon Musk sees value rise to  >$100k - Electrek

According to the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, Tesla is gearing up for a broader rollout of the app a little over a month after launching Tesla Autopilot’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) to a small community of select drivers.

So far, Tesla has only released the FSD update to “expert and careful” drivers, and so a wider rollout poses the terrifying possibility of more Tesla owners playing with the feature on city streets.

Tesla is increasing price of Full Self-Driving package to a whopping  $10,000 - Electrek

Autopilot has made lane shifts possible on clearly marked highways, but FSD helps drivers to automatically navigate city intersections, traffic lights, roundabouts and road turn.

It also includes aided parking, an invocation of parking lots, driving assistance from the highway, but the standard would not make a Tesla an autonomous vehicle.

Musk said it would definitely roll out in about two weeks in response to a comment about a larger FSD beta on Twitter.
Early FSD trial testers are in awe of the technology when it works. But some users posted videos of instances where when a street corner was not treated properly by the app, they had to catch the wheel immediately.

YouTube user Brandonee916 shows his trip down a suburban path. The Tesla appropriately stopped at red lights, but the one-way street was perceived as a two-way street and did not want the correct angle to make a left turn.

Tesla alerts drivers in a warning on the dashboard that FSD is an early beta and that it must be used with extra care.
It may do the wrong thing at the wrong time, so you always have to hold your hands on the wheel and pay special attention to the road. It says, “At the wrong time, it may do the wrong thing, so you always have to keep your hands on the wheel and pay extra attention to the road.” Don’t feel complacent.

As Electrek states, the larger rollout is thrilling but also terrifying, because more individuals can try it when it is available and injuries are likely to occur.

The app provides drivers the chance to pay less attention to highways. Given the warning from Tesla that drivers are not complacent, and that’s why previous injuries have happened.
The version 11 software upgrade is anticipated to be released by Tesla around the holidays. The update is on fire using emoticons Musk has suggested and will be published during the holiday season.