Russian Telecommunication watchdog fines Google for defaming it’s army

The Russian Telecommunication watchdog Roskomnadzor has fined Google for 68 Million Roubles (around $1.2 million) while accusing them of defaming their army amid the war in Ukraine.

Additionally, the Russian watchdog claims to fine Google for ‘Spreading unreliable’ information on the war on their YouTube channels

However Google was found guilty of committing administrative negligence. Due to which, the U.S. company was fined 4 Million Roubles in two cases, says Moscow’s Tagansky District Court.

The Russia Ukraine war –

The Russian Government aimed to overcome Ukraine and eject their Government for joining NATO alliance. After its failure, Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February, 2022.

Thousands of people have lost their lives, and around 13 million people have been displaced. Several towns and cities are also ruined due to war.

Numerous controversies were held amid the war. And currently the Russian Telecommunication watchdog have targeted U.S. company ‘Google’.

Why did Russia fined Google?

Roskomnadzor says that, Google’s YouTube video is purposely spreading inaccurate information on the war in Ukraine.

Moreover, the watchdog claims that, the Google’s YouTube has over 7,000 materials which the watchdog considers illegal.

The watchdog Roskomnadzor says, ‘Google LLC and its information resources have been repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for violation of Russian legislation in terms of failure to remove prohibited information.’

It added further, ‘For this, Google LLC was fined a total of 68 million rubles.’

Does Russian people has Google access?

After Russian Telecommunication watchdog fined Google, the Russian citizens have put forth certain restrictions to use Google features.

However, the free Google services including YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Google play and Google search can be used by the Russian citizens. Only Google news feature have been restricted.

Later, the U.S. company issued a statement and confirmed that there is no technical issues from their end, for Russian users.

‘We’ve worked hard to keep information services like News accessible to people in Russia for as long as possible’, mentions Google Spokesperson.