Looking back at 2020 v/s the expectation from the 2021 Budget in Technology sector


Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is going to present Union Budget 2021 on February 1.

India is one of the fastest-growing digital marketers in the world. Technology, today has brought in a change in approach in the way businesses, academic institutions, the cooperate world, and the rest of the sectors work today, including consumer behavior.

Looking back in 2020; educators and institutions adapted to technology during the pandemic almost overnight and e-learning achieved in a year what would likely have taken it five years under normal circumstances. The year 2020 was responsible for the boon of educational technology (edtech). This term as rightly mentioned above became responsible for several companies to have managed to reach their five-year goals just during the pandemic. Edtech has become more acceptable among people especially convenient to students and parents. They now understand the critical role that technology has to play in classrooms in benefit of student’s understanding.

After all 2020 was about adapting to changes and finding a common ground for all in embracing the new normal.

The pandemic has propelled companies globally to look at India as an alternative to China in terms of manufacturing and technology. Many companies such as Apple and Tesa have begun setting up their companies in India.

However, the Indian government’s expectation in 2021 Budget is to further enhance innovation in the technology and manufacturing sectors. This can be done via much needed developed financial support, and skill development, and technologies in all sectors, including governance.

Given the fact that technology has had to play an important role in Making India Digital as well as 2020, the technology sector is expecting that the government to consider implementing effective and favorable policies in order to support modernism while creating a digital infrastructure to support unique innovations for the betterment of the society.