How India’s airlines put passengers life in Danger

While we talk about travelling the most convenient way for us is to travel by air because it takes much lesser time than any other mode of transportation and is comparatively more comfortable. In India, there are a lot of airlines out of which the most recognized ones are Air India, Indigo, Spice Jet, etc.

Even though it is a much more efficient way of travelling there involves a huge risk of lives while travelling by air. There have been many incidents in India recently where either a flight have to make an emergency landing or some technical problems happen while the aeroplane is still in air. Due to this a lot of damage happens to the passenger’s health, both mentally and physically. Evacuation may be required in some emergency landing situations. The crew may decide to retain passengers inside the aircraft when the outside conditions are hazardous, such as when the engine has not yet shut off or the jet has landed on rough seas. This may cause serious health problems to some elderly or weak at heart passengers, like, a stroke or a heart attack.

While the problems of emergency landings, turnback and several other problems were pointed out to the authorities,  DGCA Director Arun Kumar he tweeted that the airplanes are a complex machine and has many components and that the recent events concerning their airlines are unfortunate. He ended his statement with a rather rude line saying, which aviation market does not have these issues and why are only they being pointed out, which left public in confusion regarding his reaction.