How Axis Bank customer service made one customer angry

So we start by saying that a lot of banks faced trouble during this pandemic and Axis Bank was one of them. However, we have been reached out by one of the axis bank customer who was very angry with the way he was treated with the customer service.

Here is how the story starts, the customer in question is using an axis bank’s credit card, and one day he noticed one charge. The charge he noticed was not recognized by him, so he called the bank to block and replace the card. However, that was the day the nail was hit on the coffin. After that, he called numerous times, and all he was given was the runaround.

The customer claims he has sent emails and even spoken with the branch head but to no avail. The branch head also said that the backend team doesn’t even respond to him. So if this is what is happening to customers of Axis Bank then they are just being left alone by the bank.

The customer even contacted the nodal officer but still no response from them. We think that Axis Bank is not concerned with the well-being of its customers anymore. Recently a customer has sent multiple emails and has been trying to get his problem resolved since June of this year. But nothing has been resolved, however, we will keep you posted on the same.