Bangalore is flooding; Unacademy CEO tweets video of his family being evacuated on a tractor

Bengaluru’s residents and the city are grinning as a result of the constant rain and flooding. The fast-expanding city, known as India’s “Silicon Valley,” has been plagued by subpar infrastructure and unplanned urban growth that has resulted in flooding and traffic jams.

Many badly saturated regions of the city have even seen evacuations, even as residents continue to go to work and deal with water supply issues. Gaurav Munjal, the CEO of Unacademy, also discussed his experience with the waterlogging that forced him to evacuate his family and his dog from his drowned community.
Gaurav Munjal posted a video of his dog riding on a tractor with a caregiver in a tweet. Even more, he said His DMs are open to anyone in need, and that he will try to help as much as possible.

Munjal wrote, “Family and my pet Albus has been evacuated on a Tractor from our society that’s now submerged. Things are bad. Please take care. DM me if you need any help, I’ll try my best to help.”

Videos from Bengaluru that document the city’s deteriorating conditions are widely shared on Twitter.

Residents in a posh metropolitan area, where houses can cost up to Rs 8 crore, are shown leaving to seek safety elsewhere in a gloomy movie.
In addition to the water supply being interrupted, some locations have had power outages.

As the weather service predicted significant rain in the region for the next four days, south and north Karnataka are expected to experience even more precipitation. Such rainfall has not occurred in Karnataka in 42 years.

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