A factory worker brutally murdered by three people over the victim chewing tobacco

According to police, three men, including two Nihang Sikhs, brutally killed a factory worker in Amritsar on Friday night because the victim chewed tobacco. The horrifying crime was documented on camera. The two Nihang Sikhs are still being sought after, but Ramandeep Singh, one of the suspects, has already been detained.
A CCTV camera outside a hotel captured the murder. The deceased was discovered by police this morning after spending the night on the pavement close to a drain.

The Nihang Sikhs, members of a very rigorous Sikh order, and Harmanjeet Singh, a local of the Chatiwind region who was apparently in his 20s, got into a fight just after midnight. Police Commissioner Arun Pal Singh claimed that the people in the area “had taken exception to him smoking tobacco and being drunk while roaming in that area.” The Golden Temple, commonly known as the Harmandir Sahib, is only one kilometer away from the street.
It is disgusting that none of them called us while there were 6-7 people on the scene, the city police chief said.

Harmanjeet’s mother revealed that he will soon be relocating abroad, but she was unable to provide any other information.

On Wednesday night, he was riding his motorcycle when two Nihangs approached him.

A two-minute CCTV clip that shows a brief verbal disagreement before one of the Nihangs draws his sword was made public by the police. He pushes the victim, who tries to get away on foot but is overpowered by the two Nihangs. A third man is seen entering the attack and striking the victim with a dagger. As the attackers flee, the victim gets to his feet while bleeding and stumbling. He then performs a turn that the camera can’t see.

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