Why Binance’s CEO said “Lesson learned” on Twitter! Get the whole story here

Binance CEO today tweeted about the fundamentals of the Bull and Bear market. The recent crash of Bitcoin has actually shaken most the investors. Also, many of the exchanges have already frozen the withdrawals, allowing panic to overflow in the market.

The financial markets are strongly influenced by the confidence of their customers. The investment prices rise periodically which boasts more investors into the market, called the bull market. The bull markets or buyer’s markets usually attract more investors eager to hold on to securities when the economy is thriving. On the other hand, when the value of security and commodities is declining sharply, it is called the bear market.

According to the Securities and Exchange Control Commission, a bear market is a period of at least two months when a broad market measured by an index such as the S&P 500 falls 20% or more. When it rises by 20% or more over two months or more, it is a bull market.

A bear market bears the onset of the recession. It can be responsible for creating a psychological impact on investors. Bear markets can sustain for months or years and can have a direct negative effect on the investors with lesser returns.

Investing in either market depends on how well investors have studied the direction of that market. Sometimes a bull market and bear market can be situated in a transitional manner. Market change strategies can be asserted by a long-term assessment of the market ethos. Also, it is highly recommended to get help from financial advisors before investing in either bull or bear markets.

The stock market’s growth is periodical and runs along the high and low ridges. There isn’t any guaranteed way the stock market will turn. A thorough assessment of the market strategy can be helpful for understanding its momentum for the new investors.

Binance’s CEO Changpend Zhao has provided his words of wisdom for new investors to study the market fundamentals before investing in crypto.