UK Based delivery firm Yodel hit with Cyberattack

Yodel, a UK shipping and logistics company, has acknowledged that it was the target of a cyber attack that disrupted its services.

Online delivery tracking is now unavailable, and the company’s customer support phone appears to be unavailable for “maintenance.” Yodel’s website is still up and running as of this writing.

The whole scope of the incident remains unknown, including whether client data was exposed, when the attack happened, and how long the organisation will need to recover.

However, the attack is rumoured to involve a ransomware component, according to noted cyber security researcher Kevin Beaumont.

The details were made public after the corporation privately messaged eBay sellers, acknowledging the attack in a ‘secret’ note.

Yodel is now working to restore its systems, but expects “immediate delays in fulfilling some of [its] deliveries.”

Yodel services have been unavailable for several days.

Yodel’s tracking and customer support were down over the weekend, according to consumers waiting for package delivery, with some alleging that they have received no information on deliveries for at least four days.

According to cybersecurity researcher Kevin Beaumont, there are allegations that Yodel has been attacked by a ransomware attack, which is a realistic idea given that these threat actors normally avoid encrypting victim machines on weekdays when the process is more likely to be noticed.