Oppo and OnePlus to most likely remove chargers from their boxes

Like us, a lot of you might have come up with the news of smartphones brand removing chargers from their boxes and having to buy them separately. It is believed that Apple started the “trend” of removing chargers. After this, it was reported that Samsung had stopped giving chargers with its recently launched phones. And it is now reportedly being followed by Oppo and OnePlus.

As per our sources, OPPO and OnePlus will likely remove chargers from their smartphone boxes soon in India. It is also said that the in-house chargers will be sold separately for extra cost along with the phones.

This leads us to one question.

Why are smartphone brands removing chargers from their boxes?

These are just speculations but let’s check out the reasons why smartphone brands are suddenly removing chargers from their boxes.

  • As part of their increasing focus on sustainability and environmental initiatives, many tech businesses are considering attaining zero waste by 2030 or earlier to address this growing waste problem. A smart place to start is by shipping phones without a charger in the box.
  • Only the product manual, other documents, and the phone itself need to be placed within the package since there is no charger included. As a result, the packing should be considerably smaller, allowing a manufacturer to send more phones while also reducing the cost of freight per device.



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