“Noob Crypto Experts”? What does Twitter have to say about a televised debate on Cryptocurrency

On Saturday, #CallingDogeDog was trending on the social networking app, Twitter. Why? Here are the details.

As of now, cryptocurrency is quite a topic in India. With the government deciding to ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the youth of India opines to the contrary. A lot of people on Twitter are strongly for the regulation of cryptocurrency instead of a complete ban, with many correcting misinformation and busting myths regarding the same.

This has lead to the #IndiaWantsCrypto trending as well.

Recently, a debate on cryptocurrency on Zee Business went viral on Twitter. The members on the panel of the debate are being trolled for their mispronunciation of “DogeCoin”, a kind of cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin.

However, people are not just amused at the mispronunciation but are also questioning how well the members of the panel know how cryptocurrencies function, with one of the members describing it as a “Ponzi” scheme and another quoting the wrong value of Dogecoin.