Indians would accelerate the drive of ambitious Siemens all across the world

Siemens says that India would soon be the key hub that would accelerate the technological drive for customers living all across the world.

Siemens, which has stretched itself in industry, infrastructure, transport as well as transmission and generation of electrical power, has over 6,000 software engineers at its development centers in the country, according to the company’s data.

An open evolving and diverse business ecosystem platform with the name of ‘Xcelerator’ has been launched by Siemens on Tuesday.

Siemens says that it has a comprehensive, curated portfolio that includes digital and Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled offerings from Siemens, and certified third parties.

“India will play a key role in the global roll-out of Siemens Xcelerator India will be at the forefront and a key hub to further accelerate the digital transformation efforts of our customers worldwide,” said Peter Koerte, Chief Technology Officer and Strategy Officer at Siemens AG during a talk with Business Insider.

Siemens expects that launch of this platform would help them to scale up the innovation and digital transformation journey for their customers. It aims to create value for all kinds of industries that want to scale up their field of work in the coming years with the help of Siemens.

“SMEs in India will be the greatest beneficiaries of this platform as it can help them to scale up, upgrade and adopt new designs and components much faster to stay competitive,” he added during the interview.

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