If not Apple then Samsung can be the option for Russians

Given the current political climate in Europe, we can all agree that there are bigger concerns than new smartphone releases. The Old Continent is facing one of its biggest challenges since the end of the Second World War and the ramifications of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine have been felt far and wide.

The current political weather of the world is not as it used to be. It has led to huge disruption in the global market, especially the technological market of tech giants. Tech companies are facing problems all across the world because of the inevitable Russia- Ukraine war. 

One of the most important but neglected parts of the discussion is the isolation of Russia from the technological world. Companies like Apple have withdrawn themselves from Russia’s market. Apple is not likely to see even a ray of hope of return. It won’t be wrong to say that Russia is not going to get iPhone 14 in their market anytime soon. 

Despite the withdrawal, Apple is not very hard to be found in the Russian market. They are procuring it from border countries as a fondness for Apple is not less among Russians amid indirect war with America. This makes Apple not only easily available but very costly 

With Samsung’s solution seems to approach the doorstep of Russians because Samsung is likely to make a comeback in Russia. According to an article by Reuters, the Korean tech giant is expected to return to the Russian market just six months after its initial departure.

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