Apple’s decision to buy the most expensive football team has shocked everyone all cross the world

The FIFA World cup is going on in Qatar. Various Tech companies have come forth to buy different teams. Football is the most expensive game in the world costs trillions of dollars to be organized and to buy a team. You can understand the extent of expensiveness in Byju’s decision to lay off thousands of workers to advertise football games. But there’s no doubt there is nothing big for tech giant Apple.

According to the reports Apple is interested in buying Man Utd. If we talk about the worth of this team they are worth around $2.3 trillion. Such a huge amount of money makes the steam richest club in the world.

Though it’s an unconventional combination between Apple and Man Utd. But it would be interesting to see the combination and the image that it will form with such a huge bid for the most expensive football team.


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