Video of Robotic Dog with a machine gun strapped on its back surfaces on the Internet

The internet has been witnessing a video of a machine gun strapped to a robotic dog firing bullets. Video of the dog zipping around, firing an automatic machine gun is circulating throughout media platforms. A Reddit post states that, Alexander Atamanov first posted the video on YouTube in March. He is a tech entrepreneur form Russia. The video also displays the dog patrolling a house amidst a snowy backdrop. 

The video also shows the robotic dog firing on standup targets, which Mr Atamanov referred to as a training ground in a Faacebook post. A close-up of the gun’s eyepiece can be seen which justifies how targeting is done. It can also be noticed that the robotic dog doesn’t handle the gun recoil very well. It takes some time to get back to balance. 

Reports mention that the gun in the video is a Russian, the PP-19 Vityaz. It is a submachine gun based on the AK-74 design. 

Netizens carried on discussions whether such creations are actually required. A comment on the reddit post reads as, “American paw patrol was too boring for Russian kids so they had to do this”.

Mr Atamanov’s LinkedIn profile states that he is the founder of HOVERSURF, which he founded in 2014. He was born in Russia and he started his career in the aerospace industry. It remains uncertain to where the video was filmed.