Twitter users questions fluctuations in Twitter’s performance

Twitter users are facing fluctuations in the platform’s algorithm and performance. Elon Musk tweeted this evening that interaction with almost all twitter accounts seemed to be much lower these days. 

Users on the platform commented on the Tweet and shared their concerns too. Many users are facing prompts that showed that tweets were flagged by tweeter authors. Prompts that stated tweets were flagged because of showcasing sensitive contents is being faced by many users. 

Some users are also not receiving notifications and missing out comments. It is being noticed that Twitter has slowed down and it isn’t voluntary. 

Many accounts are facing suspension too. Users on the comment section of Elon Musk’s tweet commented that their accounts were being suspended many times without any official notice or reason. 

Some users also stated that follower accounts are being altered and that Twitter keeps taking away followers. A user also stated that they are being followed by Twitter accounts that dates back to 2012/2013 and just has two to three tweets in their feed. 

Recently Twitter also updated their subscription fee for Twitter Blue. Subscribers of Twitter Blue also received emails from the team regarding the update policy and necessary details, do’s and dont’s. 

It is uncertain why users on the platform are facing such issues. Users are hoping that the platform will get back to normalcy soon.