Tesla reminds shareholders to vote for the Annual Shareholder Meeting

Tesla, the American automotive company reminds its shareholders to cast their vote at the 2022 Tesla Shareholder Meeting. Only a day remains for the annual meeting of shareholders which is scheduled to be held on the 4th of August, 2022. This meeting will commence virtually. Additionally, arrangements would also be done for a in person meeting at Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas. However, the in person meeting would be meant only for a limited number of stakeholders. Tesla also informed previously that they would webcast the meeting via the Internet. 

Tesla uploaded the Voting Guide on Tesla’s Investor relations website earlier in the month of July. The voting process for the different brokers involved was supposed to be differ from each other. Tesla updated the procedure to cast votes for respective brokers earlier when they first made the announcement. The company displayed a scroll-down list of brokers along with their respective procedures. Shareholders whose brokers who’s name wasn’t mentioned in the list were supposed to choose the “All Other Brokers” option.  

Tesla asks these shareholders votes to gain insights and management recommendations from their shareholders. Previously when the announcement was first made, Tesla mentioned that they were also looking for shareholder’s opinion on whether Tesla should be allowed to do the 3:1 split. 

Elon Musk recently retweeted @Tesla’s tweet reminding shareholders about the voting and meeting.