‘Uefa is more concerned with money than with players’

Thibaut Courtois has accused football’s regulatory bodies of putting money ahead of the wellbeing of players, whom he believes are treated like “robots.”

During the current international break, the Real Madrid goalkeeper appeared in both of Belgium’s Nations League games.

This includes the 29-year-critique old’s of Italy’s third-place playoff performance on Sunday.

He told Sky Sports, “This game is basically a money game; we have to be honest about it.”

“We just play it because it is additional money for Uefa and an extra game to watch on TV.

“OK, it’s a nice game for us because it’s against Italy, and it’s a good game for Italy because it’s against Belgium, but look at how much both teams’

Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku were two of the players who did not play in Sunday’s game, which Italy won 2-1, due to muscle issues. They had played in the semi-final loss to France three days before.

Courtois said, “This only indicates that we play too many games.” “We have a World Cup in November next year, so we may have to play till the end of June again.” We’ll be hurt, and no one will care about the players any longer.

“After a lengthy season, we’ll have to play four games in the Nations League again, and we’ll only have two weeks off, which isn’t enough for players to be able to perform at the best level for a year.”

“If we never say anything, it will be as if we never said anything.”

Fifa, the world governing body of football, is considering more changes to the schedule, including a World Cup every two years instead of the current four.

Courtois said, “You hear they want to establish a European Championships and a World Cup every year.” “When will we be able to relax?” Never.

“As a result, elite players will be hurt all of the time, and that will be the end of everything.” It’s something that should be handled much more carefully. “We’re not robots,” says the narrator.