Roderick Strong’s WWE Future: A Backstage Update

Roderick Strong, along with the Creed Brothers, Ivy Nile, and Hachiman, is a member of the Diamond Mine faction. Strong has already been linked with The Undisputed Era, and this is the second faction he has been a part of.

Roderick Strong inked a new deal with WWE early this year, according to backstage sources from Sean Ross Sapp. The announcement comes after worries were raised over Strong’s future with the organisation.

Roderick Strong is the unofficial head of the Diamond Mine faction and the current WWE Cruiserweight Champion. He is, without a doubt, a big talent in NXT, and it does not appear like he will be leaving anytime soon.

At WarGames, Roderick Strong successfully defended his WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

At NXT WarGames, Roderick Strong defeated Joe Gacy in a match in which he successfully defended his WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The battle itself was nothing special, despite both men putting up a good fight.



Diamond Mine and Gacy’s sidekick Harland were involved in a lot of shenanigans both in and out of the ring. Most notably, Harland lifted Ivy Nile before laying her down in response to Joe Gacy’s urgent appeal.

Roderick Strong retained his title in the match after defeating Gacy with the End of Heartache.



Diamond Mine are now the top faction in NXT, and they appear to be on their way to great things in WWE. In fact, reports claim that WWE may soon retire the Cruiserweight Championship, thus Roderick Strong may set his sights on a higher prize.