Lionel Messi spends holiday with wife and Cesc Fabregas

Ex Barcelona teammates Lionel Messi and Cesc Fabregas have headed out to Ibiza with their respective wives and families during their summer break. The holiday was in the pleasure of a 60,000-pound weekly yacht.

Pictures of the football stars are going viral, Messi’s wife Antonela was spotted in an aqua blue bikini on the boat and the Argentine took all necessary precautions by applying sunscreen. Fabregas wore some skimpy shorts.

The holiday is seeming to be well in the Mediterranean Sea, Messi was joined by his children, Mateo, Thiago and Ciro. On the other hand, Fabregas was also with his wife, Daniella and his three kids, Lia, Capri and Leonardo. The families were clearly feeling relaxed as they soaked up in the sun on the sea.

Shalimar II, the yacht was refurbished in 2018 and can carry up to eight guests overnight. The couples, who are close friends are often founded holidaying and sometimes former Barca player Luis Suarez is also spotted