Hamraoui claims upon suffering a horrible attack

Kheira Hamraoui has come forward about her attack which left her career with fears all over, the Paris Saint-Germain player Hamraoui has published photos of her injuries from the brutal attack that left her fearing for her career.

The footballer has claimed that she is still haunted by the incident “night and day” and also, she had to go through online abuse as well later on.

PSG star was attacked last year in November following an evening out with her former PSG teammate Aminata Diallo and other teammates. Hamraoui was hit several times with a metal bar and needed stitches to her hands and legs.

“I will never forget that night of Nov. 4, 2021. It haunts me night and day. That dark night changed my personal and professional life, my life as a woman and as a footballer player. That sad night when I thought I was going to die when two hooded men forced me to get out of the car. They pummeled me with iron bars, essentially aiming for my lower body.” wrote Hamraoui on Twitter.

“Their objective was simple that night: to violently take my work tool by breaking my legs and ending my career,” Hamraoui continued, adding that terrible verbal abuse then began and left her in a state of perpetual anxiety.

“For long months after the assault, I was unfairly insulted on the (soccer) pitches, harassed on social networks and had my life threatened. Nevertheless, I held on with all my strength to my passion (of soccer) and to stay professional,” added the 32-year-old. “Today I trust in the justice system for the truth to all come out and for my honor to be saved.” Diallo was issued preliminary charges of “aggravated violence” and placed in custody in connection with the attack, French justice officials said in a statement on Friday.

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