Geraint Thomas charity’s his vest, raises up 10,000 pounds

The Welsh cyclist and the former Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas has raised 10,000 pounds as charity by auctioning off his vest which he wore in this year’s race.

Thomas put the gilet on for warmth before the opening time trial of the 2022 Tour de France, the Welsh had forgotten to take off the gilet during the first stage of the 2022 tour in Copenhagen.

Fans then swapped the gilet between each stage all the way to Paris, documenting its journey on Twitter.

Moreover, Thomas, who finished third in the tour, is raising money for his Cycling Trust charity, which helps young people. Yet, more cash also could be raised as the raffle runs until 31 August.

With his philanthropic effort and steps, the Welsh man has gained praises from all his fandom, the fans took to social media to praise Thomas and the fans who transported the body warmer to Paris.

Thomas described the mistake of leaving the gilet on for the first stage of the 2022 tour in as “the worst half of a time trail I’ve ever done, it was so bad”.

Fans wrote “Well done G and all the gilleteers”, while another commented: “It’s had a great summer holiday.”