Gautam Gambhir received third threat email from ISIS Kashmir; ISIS Spies are there in Police Forces, the email read

The former Indian Cricketer who is currently a Bharatiya Janata Party MP, Gautam Gambhir has allegedly received a third threat email from ISIS Kashmir, as reported by police on sunday. The name of the sender is also mentioned in the email and Delhi Police is doing serious investigations in the matter.

According to reports, the threat email even mentioned, “Your Delhi Police and IPS Shweta can’t uproot anything. Our spies are also present in the police, we are receiving all information about you.”

The email has been sent at 1.37 am from [email protected] and after the cyber cell team of Central district police coordinated with the Special Cell, they found that the email was originally sent by a man from Karachi, Pakistan.

Gautam Gambhir received first two emails on 24th November at a gap of few hours by a different email address named [email protected] The first threat email read, “We are going to kill you and your family.”

After the complaint was made in a handwritten note, DCP Central, Shweta Chauhan claimed that the security was tightened and said, “He has received the threat on his official email id. The security has been increased outside his residence.”

After few hours, the player filed a complaint of the second threat which included a video featuring his house and read, “We intended to kill you, but you survived yesterday. If you love the life of your family, stay away from politics and Kashmir issue.”

And now, a third threat email from Karachi. The emails have been sent to Google to find the IP address. The police has again increased security to a very high level to secure the safety of the player and his family.

After deep investigations, the police found out that the IP address was located in Karachi in Pakistan whose user is Shahid Khan, a student at the University of Sindh.