Cavani out and Neymar inn; memes all around

Uruguayan Edison Cavani has left Old Trafford, but the former player is all regrets after leaving the club. Cavani has admitted that his first season with the Red Devils was not a fun affair as it was behind closed doors. The player has left on a free transfer after his two year affair with Man United.

“I wanted to contribute more this season, one of the things that has left me with a slightly bitter taste is that when we had a highly enjoyable and pretty decent season (2020/21), we weren’t able to have the supporters along with us” he told the clubs in house media.

The former PSG player scored 17 goals in 39 games in the first season but only got two in 20 games in the second one. However, Cavani has said, “I’m leaving with happy memories”.

After his departure the club were ready to sign Neymar Jr, but they bought instead their ex Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo. A lot of memes also surfaced on social media during the same context.


“I can’t wait until Cavani leaves. The guy doesn’t care about Utd, he only plays when he wants to play.” *2 months later.* “I hope we sign Neymar.” A twitter post read.