Barcelona and Manchester City to play a charity match

Spanish club Barcelona are all set to play against Manchester City for a charity match for ALS at the Camp Nou on August 24 at 9 pm CEST. This match is a fundraiser for charity, an initiative taken by former goalkeeper Juan Carlos Unzue, who was diagnosed with the neurological condition ALS two years ago.

The match is promised to be a great sporting event, this will mark the return of Pep Guardiola at Camp Nou. However, Juan Carlos Unzue is more interested in the cause of the game and the humanitarian spirit behind the match.

“I hope wea are all able to fill the Camp Nou. This has been made possible to the commitment and vow of two greats clubs and the people who work at them. I felt so satisfied the day I sat down with them, from the first minute I got the feeling they were saying yes, they will help. Football is about commitment and friendship, that’s something you can’t pay for,” said Juan Carlos Unzue.

Manchester City Coach Pep Guardiola said, “Thank you to Barca for setting a great stage like Camp Nou – we’re going to try and fill it with as many people as we can. We’re looking forward to participating.”