Why Netizens are saying democrats support illegal aliens on twitter?

Netizens took to Twitter on Sunday to share their displeasure with the democrats over illegal aliens. Illegal aliens here are the migrants who try to come to the USA in search of a better life.

However, it has been debatable whether these people should be allowed to work in the states or not. Back in the day, Former US president Donald J Trump was an advocate of removing the illegal migrants of from the USA. He criticised Mexico for allowing people to enter the USA illegally.

However, democrats have a different opinion of handling the migrants, and some pro republicans say that this is nothing but appeasement politics.

Pro republicans from texas have warned that this will rather increase criminal activities in the country and would lead to another problem.

One user said California bill easing penalties for sex with minors lands on governor’s desk – Washington Times Patriotic, traditional, hard-working citizens & other legal residents, come to Florida! Pedophiles, drug addicts, and illegal aliens, rush to to California!

One user tagged Dr. Mehmat and said Motherfucker you hired illegal aliens on a scale that set Guinness records and pimped bullshit weight loss supplements to pay for your oligarch mansion! You can shut the fuck up and go away now! Law & order would be you and Fetterman in a cage!

Another user posted

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