Nupur J Sharma replaces her Hello with Jai Shree Ram forever

The former journalist and an editor on OpIndia Nupur J Sharma tweets while replacing her Hello with Jai Shree Ram forever.

Nupur mentions that she’ll greet with Jai Shree Ram 

OpIndia is an English and Hindi news portal established in 2014.

Nupur J Sharma is an English editor of OpIndia dedicated to criticism which considers liberal media and supports BJP and Hindutva Ideology.

Recently, she tweeted, ‘My “hello” has officially been replaced with “Jai Shree Ram” forever.’

We all are aware about the current controversy took place because of Nupur Sharma’s remark on Prophet Muhammad.

Several Muslim countries protested against her remark.

Many Muslim countries also protested to boycott Indian things.

Additionally, the remark on Prophet Muhammad triggered many Muslim people.

Numerous muslim people showcased their anger while protesting in different mediums.

The suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma publicly apologised for her remarks.

But many people stood up in her support and voted for Versa.

Nupur J Sharma’s Tweet:-