Netizens are trolling OP Sharma’s pic holding a glass

Netizens are currently trolling OP Sharma for his pic in which he is holding a glass. Numerous Twitter users have given their statements opposing OP Sharma.

Om Prakash Sharma is also known as OP Sharma is an Indian politician who represents Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He is also a member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly and is currently serving as MLA of BJP since 2015 in the Delhi Legislative Assembly Election.

Moreover, he was the only BJP MLA who retained his seat again in the 2013 elections in Vishwas Nagar, Delhi.

However, OP Sharma once strongly opposed the new liquor scheme. As per the scheme, many liquor shops were offering 1+1 liquor bottles which gained immense attention from citizens. There were huge queues outside the liquor shops.

Due to this offer, double sales were recorded and even the consumption of alcohol was increased as compared to previous records.

Henceforth, on this note, the BJP MLA Om Prakash Sharma strongly opposed this liquor shop scheme. Now bringing his campaign against these liquor shops, netizens troll him for holding a glass of the same currently.

The netizens assumed that the liquid was alcohol in his glass. Several people criticised him for drinking alcohol (as per trolls). Some ask for his suspension from the BJP party. The other user says, ‘These are the rituals of Delhi BJP, Ram during the day and Jam in the night! Delhi BJP MLA Drunk’.

However, it is not confirmed whether he was drinking alcohol or not. But still, he has been trolled for the same.