“Metroman” Sreedharan to bring BJP to power in Kerala

Metroman E Sreedharan has recently announced that he will be joining the Bharatiya Janata Party next week.

Elattuvalapil Sreedharan is an Indian engineer, popularly known as the Metro Man, who is credited with changing the face of public transport in India with his leadership in building the Konkan Railway among other projects.

He also said that the focus will be on developing infrastructure in a big way and bring the state out of the debt trap if the BJP wins the assembly polls that are likely to be held in April-May 2021.

Sreedharan told PTI that he will contest the assembly elections if the party wants and will also be open to chief ministership if the party asks, according to India TV News.

He also made it clear that he will not be interested in the governorship, saying that it is purely a “constitutional position and no powers at all” and that he won’t be able to make any positive contribution to the state being in such a position.

“My main idea is to bring BJP to power in Kerala. If BJP comes to power in Kerala, there will be three to four major areas we want to focus. One is infrastructure development in a big way and another is to bring industry to the state,” he said.