Indian government adjured Twitter to take down Freedom House’s controversial tweets regarding the nation

The Indian government has urged Twitter to take down tweets by Freedom House on how internet freedom has declined in India. The news has been confirmed by South Asia Index which provides data-driven stories from South Asia with a focus on economy, politics, diplomacy, and defense.

Freedom House is a non-profit, U.S. government-funded organization in Washington, D.C. They are known for conducting research and advocacy and recently they have provided a post-pandemic analysis of the Freedom in the World 2021 report. The report contains a dry analysis of the impact of the pandemic on global democracy. The non-profit organization has allegedly included a disputed map of India in its report. According to the Freedom House’s map, Kashmir is no longer part of India and is divided into parts of Pakistan and China.

According to sources, a report was released by Freedom House in March accusing the Indian government of “continuing to crack down on critics during the year and of tragically dividing India itself towards authoritarianism.” Also, their reports marked India as a “partly free” nation. The report also included the displacement of migrant workers during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

Reports by Freedom House have caused disputes on the social media platforms for showing a distorted version of the Indian border. They are also claimed to break the sovereignty of the nation.