“I want to serve the people”, Prime Minister Modi said in ‘Mann ki Baat’ show

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday featured in the 83rd edition of Mann ki Baat show where he talked about the fast-pace development of the nation in different sectors and paid tribute to the armed forces who sacrificed their lives for the motherland. PM modi also said, “I do not seek power, I want to serve the people.”

The Prime Minister said about the growing number of startups in India, “this is the era of start-ups and it is also true that in the field of start-ups, in a way, India is leading the world.” Talking about startup culture, he added, “Youngsters are not only job-seekers but also job-creators. There are more than 70 unicorns in India.”

Prime Minister modi also pointed to that fact that the 50th anniversary of India’s victory over Pakistan in the 1971 is on 16th December and also the Navy Day and Armed Forces Flag Day are next month and said he wants to remember the soldiers and especially the mothers who gave birth to such brave heroes.

He also referred to the anniversary of BR Ambedkar on December 6 and asked the audience to remember the contributions of the chief architect of the constitution to our society and asked them to fulfill their duties as the tribute. He said, “So let us take a pledge that in the Amrit Mahotsav we will try to fulfil our duties with full devotion this will be a tribute to Baba Saheb.”

Meanwhile, Narendra Modi also talked about the importance of nature and that we should conserve it. He said, “We are threatened by nature only when we disturb its balance or destroy its purity.”

He added, “It is essential for people to adopt lifestyles that promote living in harmony with nature and protecting natural resources.”

Mann ki Baat is the monthly radio broadcast featuring Prime Minister Modi on the last Sunday of every month. The Hard working PM always talks about his priority sectors and what his government is working on for the development of the country.