Donald Trump supporters angry after FBI raided his house

On Tuesday, supporters of United States Former President, Donald Trump assembled at his Palm Beach, Florida, resort to gathering in protest of the FBI’s raid of his property earlier in the day after news of the investigation broke on Monday evening.

On Twitter, videos and photos showed supporters reaching the resort and new home of Trump while tweets from his fans vowed that “thousands” were planning to show up.

There were dozens of people on the scene before midnight Monday evening, looking angry. Loudspeakers blared dance music as supporters had reached there by car on the pitch-black scene where lights were hurridly being set up.

Some supporters might have heard the ex-president address his situation in a tele-rally for Sarah Palin, which he attended in spite of the news.

His supporters who arrived on-scene late on Monday were unlikely to hear directly from their leader, but that didn’t stop the crowd from growing as midnight approached, The Independent reports.

According to some reporters present at the protests, some protesters said that the investigation appeared political to them as the FBI had yet to take action against Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, for criminal activities that Trump supporters have long accused he engaged in overseas.

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