China vows to launch targeted military actions after Nancy Pelosi lands in China

On Tuesday, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan despite the increasing threats from China over her visit.

China warns the US that it was playing with fire. The Chinese military has vowed to launch targeted military actions.

According to Taiwan Central News Agency, Pelosi will meet with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday after which she will fly out of the island in the afternoon local time.

Amid China’s warnings, The US speaker landed in Taipei on Tuesday for a visit to Taiwan that pushes the conflict between Washington and Beijing to a new level.

As per News18, the White House says that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is not a violation of China’s sovereignty.

Chinese jets were also said to deploy near self-ruled Taiwan to pile up pressure over Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

Amid Pelosi’s visit, Taiwan has reportedly put its military on high alert as it prepares for war with China.

According to local media, Taiwan is preparing for war and has called officers back from leave as it braces for a Chinese invasion, The Taiwanese National Defense Ministry is said to have briefed its air defenses that it should be prepared for the war in the coming days.



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