What joke did kiran bedi crack on Sikhs that angered the whole community

The former IPS officer Kiran Bedi is surrounded with storm after launching a ‘Joke’ on Sikh Community after her book launch ‘Fearless Governance’ on Monday.

Kiran Bedi’s Comment –

According to reports, the IPS commented that, ‘When the Mughals were looting India and abducting women, the Sikhs fought them and protected sisters and daughters.’

’12 o’clock was the time to attack the Mughals. This is the history of 12 o’clock.’

She later apologised for her remark after her remarks, on Twitter which read as, ‘I have highest regards for my community. I am a devotee of Baba Nanak Dev ji. What I said to the audience even at my own cost (as I also belong here) be kindly not misread.

I seek forgiveness for this.I am the last person to cause any hurt. I believe in Seva & loving kindness.’

Ministers comments –

Moreover, Aam Aadni Party chief spokesperson Malvinder Singh critised her while accusing her for ‘disrespecting and hurting the sentiments’ of Sikh community.

‘I pity BJP leader Kiran Bedi if she isn’t aware of the Sikh history. If she has deliberately tried to defame the Sikh community or make fun of it, then there is nothing more shameful’, says Malvinder Singh.

Amarinder Singh Raja’s comment –

Moreover, even Punjab’s Congress President Amarinder Singh Raja also criticised against Kiran Bedi.

He said, ‘Shocking and shameful to crack a joke on a community that too when you are a Punjabi yourself @thekiranbedi must apologise for hurting sentiments of Sikh community. Or we will understand that @BJP4India has tasked its leaders for the particular job’.