Top 5 pros and cons of the Agnipath scheme of Government of India

Today, the Union Cabinet approved a desirable recruitment plan for young Indians to join the armed forces. The program is known as AGNIPATH, and the young people chosen for it are referred to as Agniveers. AGNIPATH enables motivated young people who are patriotic to serve in the military for four years.

Top 5 pros and cons of the Agnipath scheme of Government of India

AGNIPATH Scheme 2022


Agniveers will receive a tempting monthly package that is specially tailored for them, as well as Risk and Hardship allowances as necessary for the three services. Agniveers will receive a one-time “Seva Nidhi” package at the end of their four-year engagement, which will include both their contribution and any collected interest thereon as well as a matching contribution from the government in the amount shown below:

  • A fundamental change in the military’s recruitment practices.
  • A special chance for young people to help the nation and contribute to nation building.
  • Young and active persona for the armed forces.
  • Excellent financial deal for the Agniveers.
  • Agniveers have the chance to receive training from the greatest universities and improve their abilities and credentials.


  • No pilot scheme to evaluate the plan.
  • It will weaken military culture, professionalism, and combat spirit.
  • 7-8 years are needed to prepare a soldier for combat.
  • Agniveers will be cautious and most of them will be seeking for a second job.
  • May result in the militarization of society and the annual unemployment of 35,000 adolescents with war experience.