Supreme Court Judge Pardiwala said attacks on Judges will not be tolerated

Supreme Court Justice JB Pardiwala says social media must be regulated by the law as it is run by people who don’t understand the rules of law and possess “half-truths and information.” Justice Pardiwala is among the Supreme Court judges who criticized Ex-BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on her comment regarding Prophet Muhammad.

Justice Pardiwala said on July 3 during a virtual program, “A trial is supposed to be carried out by the courts. Trials by digital media are undue interference for the judiciary. This crosses the Laxman Rekha and is all the more problematic when only half-truth is pursued. Constitutional courts have always graciously accepted informed dissent and constructive criticism.” He added that any sort of personal attacks on social media must not be tolerated. Justice Pardiwal also talked about constructive criticism must be allowed without attacking judicial institutions.

Reportedly, the Supreme Court (SC) stated that Nupur Sharma’s comment regarding Prophet Muhammad has created an unrest situation in the nation and is also responsible for the brutal Udairpur killing. The SC demanded Nupur Sharma “apologize to the whole country.” Later JB Pardiwala who is head of a Justice bench criticized Nupur Sharma saying, “The way she has ignited emotions across the country. This lady is single-handedly responsible for what is happening in the country.”

A series of tweets broke out on social media after Justice Pardiwal’s criticism of Nupur Sharma.

Consequently, the Supreme Court judge then condemned social media for spreading personalized opinions against the judges which hurt judicial dignity. Justice Pardiwala asked to preserve the law by putting a strong regulation on social media trials.